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It’s on you to make your work suck less

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Since I’ve started writing about young professionalism, I’ve been surprised by how many people have reached out wanting to talk about work.

The dialogue goes something like this: “I’m overwhelmed! I thought WFH would bring some relief, but work continues to consume my life. But hey, we’re young. Work should consume everything, right?”

Work should consume everything?

As if millennials are tragic heroes from Greek mythology cursed by the gods to relive the Sunday scaries week-in and week-out.

The fact is, sometimes work sucks because we let it suck.

I’m a commercial real estate broker, one of the more competitive…

5. An unused guest bedroom in your apartment

Photo: Patrick Hendry/Unsplash

I read Cheryl Strayed’s Wild recently. A memoir about a 26-year-old heartbroken, divorced, recovering heroin user who sought spiritual enlightenment on the Pacific Crest Trail. Like most twentysomethings braving the outdoors for the first time, she was overconfident and didn’t study how to properly pack for a 1,100-mile trek. She dubbed her backpack “monster” because it weighed as much as a small bear and required a sumo squat to get upright.

An annoyed veteran hiker eventually dumped everything on a picnic table and separated the wants from the needs. …

It’s ok to visualize your dream life

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

What’s on your list today that uses up all your willpower?

The one task that feels like eating broccoli. You know it’s good for you, but you’d rather have a Crunchwrap Supreme.

Hand up. For me, it’s writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the craft, but sometimes I’d rather eat broccoli. When I think about starring at a blank piece of paper, my brain gravitates towards any distraction in the immediate area. Journalists find themselves at the water cooler more than other professions for the same reason.

What if we could dislodge this mental block?

What if we could…

We all experience them, not everyone confronts them

Photo: Yan Krukov/Pexels

Here’s the heavy truth that applies to most of you.

You’ll not achieve your five-year career goals. Whatever they might be. The six-figure salary. The big promotion. The financial freedom to buy a house or travel the world.

Most of you will be left disappointed, frustrated, and wondering what happened.


It’s not because you lack the passion or the willpower. Or because you chose the wrong industry. It has nothing to do with your ability or the decisions you’ve made.

You won’t reach your career goals because you’ll take your work too seriously. You’ll ignore your health and relationships…

#1 — Waiting till I absolutely have to network

Photo by meredith hunter on Unsplash

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales agent, or job hunting, networking is the foundation of business success — plain and simple.

I’m considered a decent networker in my industry (commercial real estate), but I struggle with consistency. If you’ve ever been responsible for business development, then you know what I’m talking about. How do I know I’m not being consistent? Easy, whenever my business plateaus.

Here are the mistakes I’ve made that caused my business to plateau.

Mistake #1 — Waiting until I have to network

Do you hate networking? …

Get away from resorts and get messy

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

Vacations do not have to mimic Instagram — just saying.

Much like our clothes, cars, and the people we choose to hang out with, we’re spending our precious PTO’s on vacations seen on social media. The beachfront resort from Addison Rae’s profile, for example.

There’s nothing wrong with laying on a beach all week, getting pampered like a French King, and eating brunch buffets. I’ve done it, and it’s awesome. But if you’re spending every vacation here, then you’re missing a colossal opportunity — especially in your twenties.

Here’s my argument for why you should get a little messy on…

Life’s a backyard pickup game.

Photo by Alexander Scott Lambley on Unsplash

Gary V cracks me up.

His posts, especially the self-helpy ones, were clearly conceived during a podcast interview or IG Live rant after about four and a half-iced coffees.

Here’s his latest:

Don’t forget to check your ego at the door

Photo: Yolanda Sun/Unsplash

Whether you are a traveling freelancer, a corporate climber, or an influencer, I guarantee you will do one (or all) the following things at some point in your twenties:

  • You will date.
  • You will look for jobs.
  • You will be jealous of your friends.
  • You will negotiate for more money.
  • You will try to find your calling.

These pivotal events begin and end with a conversation. I’m not saying you will botch these conversations, only that some happen so fast you will leave the room thinking, “why did I say that?” …

Feel better and get more done in the afternoon

Photo by Jordan Opel on Unsplash

According to Dan Pink, the author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, afternoon fatigue occurs because natural circadian rhythms dictate our periods of alertness throughout the day.

For example, I share a circadian rhythm with a group called the “early birds”. I’m most energized in the early morning between 5:30 am–10:30 am, but my energy falls off a cliff in the afternoon — as if the pistons in my head are running at half speed. It sucks.

Afternoon fatigue used to bother me. I wanted to get stuff done, but my mind and body just wouldn’t allow it…

You don’t have to become the envy of your friends.

Photo by Ruffa Jane Reyes on Unsplash

“Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17?”

-Travis, british soft rock band

A question to all millennials out there: where has our happiness gone?

I get it. We’re a generation crippled by debt, a social media first mover who can’t figure out FOMO, and we demand more from ourselves than the previous generation. For those reasons, I predict the self-help market will explode over the next five years as we seek salvation in books not called the Bible. God knows it’s helped me.

I’m reading a book called Happiness 101 by…

Cal Axe

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