Excellent piece! So I wrote this a few weeks ago and I think it jives perfectly with what you're saying:

" What makes a dream job?

The writer Cal Newport explained his answer in So Good They Can’t Ignore You. Here’s what he came up with:

Creativity: A job that pushes boundaries.

Impact: Will the job have meaning?

Control: The control over how and when you work.

An accurate observation. When you think about your passion, a combination of these traits will likely surface.

Here’s the problem: these types of jobs are scarce. A ton of people going after the gig and only so many people to consume it. High demand, low supply.

There are only so many eyeballs looking for Medium articles. There are only so many jokes during an episode of SNL. There are only so many young professionals looking for career advice.

What can we do?

Cal Newport says that if you want something rare and valuable, you need something rare and valuable in return. In other words, work up the skills and expertise that will position yourself away from the competition. This will take time and patience.

Insert Gladwell’s 10,000 hours."

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