How To Gain Followers On Instagram Without Your Parent’s Money

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I don’t understand “hype beasts.”

Here’s their life in a nutshell:

And the pissing match continues.

I’m I suppose to follow the lifestyle of this so-called “beast?”

Will that really make me happier?

Listen, I appreciate the desire to hustle like Jake Paul or Addison Rae. But most people just spend their parent’s money, buy expensive clothes, and take fake photos — creating the illusion of hustle.

If you’re serious about growing a following on any social media platform, there’s something you should know.

You can get attention and add thousands of followers without your parent’s money.

Know how?

Show Us What You’re Working On

People don’t have time for overproduced photos of you on a beach, or out to eat, or in a hot tub. There’s enough of that garbage. The world wants to see your passions, your hobbies, your professional life. That’s inspiring, and most importantly, that’s relatable.

Whether your male or female, ambition is attractive. We immediately recognize ambition, not blind or self-centered ambition, but the type that aligns one’s soul with a purpose. They’re the ones taking advantage of every opportunity, going on wild adventures, and prepared for every situation.

In other words, leaders.

Imagine the people in your life without ambition. Have you ever seen anyone follow them? Or even listen to them? I don’t think so.

Younger generations can sniff out a fake

I recently gave my Instagram page a refresh. I deleted all my college party photos and replaced them with videos of me talking about my career. You will also find snippets of my Medium articles, even the poorly written ones.

Would you believe it, my follower count has doubled in the past month alone.

Social media is evolving, and a new world order along with it. The younger generations can sniff out fake. They know when someone’s fishing for an ego boost.

What people really want is authenticity.

What they want is your passion, your work.

Trust me, you can put the ego aside for a few minutes to share what you know.

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