I know this is a long comment, but I wrote this a few weeks ago. Might be a cool story for your article.

"At 25 years old, Jim Koch was a rising star and a favorite son at Harvard Business School, where he pursued a joint JD and MBA. You can imagine his parent’s shock when their young prodigy dropped out of school and joined Outward Bound, a wilderness guide and outdoor education program.

Everyone expected a 6-month to year-long sabbatical — enough time to shake out his psychotic lapse.

Jim had other ideas. For the next three and a half years, he lived in the wild leading hiking expeditions and teaching people how to repel down cliffs. He even had a stint in British Colombia, an ecosystem with notoriously ruthless flora and fauna. To work in BC means your job is to ensure nobody dies.

“I didn’t want to make decisions that would bind me for the rest of my life,” He told Guy Raz on NPR. “Also I realized that there are only things you can do in your twenties, that if you don’t do them, you will never be able to do them.”

About ten years later, Jim would make his parent's heads spin for a second time. He quit his six-figure executive position with the Boston Consulting Group and founded the Boston Beer Company, later renamed Samuel Adams. One of the most successful American beer companies ever."

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