I wrote this a while ago, I think it jives with what you're saying:

"History tells countless tales of great people who started off as one thing until time, opportunity, and luck entered their reality.

Ulysses S. Grant sold leather on the side of the road in Galena, Ohio before becoming Commander of Union Army and President of the United States.

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner worked at a grocery store before signing with the St. Louis Rams where he won a Super Bowl.

Angela Merkel was a scientist before becoming one of the most powerful politicians in the world.

The names listed above teach us that leadership does not occur in a vacuum. We build ourselves as best we can in preparation for a moment, a call to action.

You receive a promotion.

A job opens up.

You are called to lead a new project.

An outbreak of war.

A wall falls down.

Will you seize that moment or let uncertainty cloud your judgment?

I should note that your call to action might not be obvious at first or even a positive experience. It could be argued that most are not.

Winston Churchill was elected Prime Minister out of desperation: Fascism engulfed Europe, and Great Britain was next. Barack Obama was elected President during the worst financial disaster since 1929. Angela Merkel joined politics as an East German only after the collapse of her country.

Life isn’t fair.

“The Defining Decade.” That’s about right. Work to be a better person tomorrow than you are today — let that define your twenties, and you will conquer whatever life throws your way.

The fear of uncertainty is irrelevant."

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