4 Simple Post Ideas That Will Get A Quick 2000+ Views On LinkedIn

Each take under 5 minutes to make

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Most young professionals ignore LinkedIn’s value.

Sure, most are on LinkedIn. But they’re not intentional with their posts like on Instagram or Medium. Instead, they post about a promotion, share an article without context, or regurgitate a product they’re selling.

In what world?

Since 2017, I’ve posted at least three times per week on LinkedIn for my commercial real estate business. Four years later, it’s become my best source for new clients and networking opportunities. And you know what else? It’s all thanks to a few easy-to-make posts.

Here are my top four post ideas, all of which you can make in under five minutes.

A 30 second, Gary V Style Question And Answer Video

Short, raw videos crush on LinkedIn.

I took this from Gary V’s playbook. He uses it because it works, but I was shocked by how easy it was to make. Here’s what you do:

  1. Make a list of commonly asked questions in your industry or lifestyle. I put my list in a Google Doc.
  2. Have someone ask you a question and film the answer. Your answer should be 20–30 seconds long.
  3. Edit with the InShot app and give it a cool block title like you would see in a Gary V video.
  4. Write a nice introduction for the video and post to LinkedIn.

Posts twice a week for a month and watch what happens.

A Simple Picture of You Working On A Project. That’s It.

Simplicity crushes on LinkedIn.

Short form blogs, videos, and simple photos of people at the office will all generate eyeballs. Haute couture influencers haven’t infiltrated LinkedIn (not yet anyway), which means the feed is less glamourous than other platforms. People log in to see ordinary people: folks grinding it out and working hard just like them.

Take a simple photo of yourself working on a project, even if it’s just paperwork. Provide a little context in the heading and let it fly.

Use TikTok

Or upload videos from your Instagram or YouTube channel.

I think this works because parents find TikToks amusing. They watch their kids playing with the app and can’t help but giggle when they see it in a professional setting.

I don’t mean to sound ageist, but it’s true — and adorable.

Fair warning. Uploading videos from other sites can backfire. Executives do not want to watch you dancing to Blinding Lights with your friends. You need to pick a trend and mold it for a professional audience.

Here’s what I did:

I made a “day in the life of CRE broker,” filmed it on TikTok, and paired it with a trending song. It’s business-related, but the style adheres to the rules of TikTok.

One foot in both worlds.

Interview A Friend

Collaboration crushes on any social media platform.

People love listening to conversations. Spotify paid Joe Rogan $300 million for that reason.

Ask a friend if they want to jump on a recorded Zoom call for a few minutes and talk about business. Add a title at the top with your guest’s name and let it fly.

This is basically a short-form podcast on LinkedIn. It’s incredible because you’re not asking your guests for too much of their time, and the engagement makes it all worthwhile.

Honestly, you can talk about anything. My friend Manny and I talked about the Jordan documentary for about five minutes and threw it up on LinkedIn.

The best part is, you don’t need to overproduce to grow a following, get eyeballs, or generate a ton of likes.

People want to see you — you in your natural habitat.

So go for it! Give the people what they want.

broker, blogger, researcher | 27 years old | I write about the Yo Pro experience in its’ entirety | Here’s my newsletter https://yoprolibrary.substack.com

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