Stop! Your Science-Backed Morning Routines Are Worthless

They’re your peak hours, don’t waste them on affirmations

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“I find that being in a good mood for creative is worth the hours it takes to get in a good mood.” — BJ Novak

I thought, mistakenly, that all successful people followed a disciplined morning like former Navy Seal and author Jocko Willink, who starts his days at 4:30 am and works out as if being chased by bullets.

What if you’re not a morning person?

Place your energy towards something useful

Is it actually possible to stick to a routine with consistency?

I woke this morning with self-induced grogginess. Before you start judging me about going out on a work night, just know that it was to see an old friend — I didn’t mean any harm! Just wanted to good time.

So how should we spend our morning?

Given these observations, instead of worrying about marking off a checklist prescribed by someone you’ve never met, it seems it would be more beneficial to find out which activities align with your priorities. Find tasks that will elevate your lifestyle, career, and craft — deliberate practices that will inch you closer to your goals.

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