The cool thing about millennials is that we seem to realize the value of time. We want to experience the world, maybe more so than making money, but we know there are certain things you can only do when you're young. Some figure that out early in their twenties, some later, but everyone comes to that realization eventually.

Speaking from experience, we make a mistake when money becomes our scoreboard. Even worse, when we shove that scoreboard in peoples faces. I made a lot of money my first few years out of college. But I stopped learning, I stopped growing, and eventually, and I paid for it and it hurt. Money served as my magicians misdirection. Only providing the illusion that I was successful, that I paid my dues. That I put in the time.

Long story short: work to find your thing, work to master it, work to pass it on. Like you said, don't wait for it!

broker, blogger, researcher | 27 years old | I write about the Yo Pro experience in its’ entirety | Here’s my newsletter

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