There’s a beautiful book from the 1930s called “If You Want To Write” about how aspiring writers sound “pretentious”, “lying”, and “dull” because they’re programmed to think writing is special and not just putting your voice on paper.

“I found that many gifted people are so afraid of writing poor that they cannot summon the nerve to write a single sentence for months. The thing to say to such people is: “see how bad a story you can write. See how dull you can be. Go ahead. That would be fun and interesting. I will give you ten dollars if you can write something thoroughly dull from beginning to end!”

— Brenda Ueland, from If You Want To Write

When you focus on perfection, you’re engaging the engineering side of your brain when you should fire up the creative side. As a result, you tighten and grow frustrated with writing.

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